Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Campaign Misleads The World

Pink Ribbon CampaignYou can’t live on this planet without being aware of the “pink ribbon” breast cancer awareness movement. In recent years is has gained incredible popularity with literally 1000’s of products and services supporting the movement. You would never suspect that the breast cancer pink ribbon campaign, Susan G. Komen, the Avon walk, and many others mislead the world.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation adopted a modified version of the original pink ribon that was created by Penney Laingen and today its the token symbol for the movement. So what’s the problem you might ask, millions of dollars are being donated to research breast cancer. That’s the important thing, right?

The first issue I have with the campaign is that it serves more special interest than it does “the cause”. Companies like Revlon, Yoplay, and Avon distribute and market their products at Breast Cancer Awareness events even though those exact products contain chemicals that are know to cause cancer.

Pink Ribbon controvercyCrazy right?

For Yoplay, and other General Mills products, it was recumbent Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), a synthetic hormone, banned in most other countries in the world including Canada, and Europe.

If that’s not bad enough most of the money donated to research actually goes to pharmaceutical companies that profit off developing drugs that treat breast cancer rather than prevent it.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the woman who has marketed the Pink Ribbon campaign, even partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken whose chicken contains unsafe levels of carcinogens. It was also discovered that the organizations “Promise Me” perfume contained hormone-disrupting chemicals like galaxolide.

Susan G KomenMillions of dollars have been donated to breast cancer research but more people are getting breast cancer today than 40 years ago. Why? Because no one is looking into what causes breast cancer. No one is looking at the chemicals in our food and environment. Because that is not where the money comes from.

So what do I think when I see a pink ribbon? I think of companies profiting off other peoples suffering. I think of people being mislead. I think of unsafe products that are being marketed with pink ribbons, with the blessing of the foundation, to women all around the world.

Maybe you should to.

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