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Brown University Insurance now to Cover Sex Change Operations

Brown University to cover sex change operationsI’m a strong supporter of free healthcare. 45,000 American die each year simply because they were uninsured/under-insured, and that’s unacceptable

Recently Brown University, an Ivy League school located in Providence, decided to extend their health insurance to cover sex change operations that cost an estimated $50,000 a pop.[1]

My feeling is that this opens the door for a lot of criticism and makes all liberals look bad. Taking it that far harms our cause. Last thing we need is to make it harder for those lobbying for universal health care in Washington.

Brown is a private institution and it can do what it pleases. Brown is, however, considered a very progressive institution, and one that we all look up to. Should cosmetic surgery be covered under any insurance? What if someones belly fat, or crooked nose is making their life miserable? What if deep inside they see themselves with a perfect nose? Do they have a right to have it fixed for free? I don’t think so.

If a condition doesn’t threaten your health now, and if there is no change of it doing so in the future. It shouldn’t be covered by insurance. If you’re thinking that NOT having access to cosmetic surgery/sex change operations may lead to clinical depression- be careful. It’s a slippery slope.

Studies have shown people who are unhappy with their self image rarely overcome depression even if that image problem is solved. Most problems with identity and self-image stem from deep-seeded issues that can’t be solved cosmetically.

Maybe someone from the LGBT community will enlighten me on the difference between a sex change operation, Liposuction, and a Rhinoplasty(nose job). But until then I believe Brown is setting a bad example for 2 main reasons:

  1. Covering Sex change operations in the first place.
  2. Covering Sex change operations but not cosmetic surgeries.

I have no issue with someone seeking a sex change operation. However, like I previously mentioned, with 45,000 people dieing each year in America due to lack of health insurance: is it a priority to subsidize Sex change Operations? I don’t think so. Fox News and other conservatives are going to use this as ammunition to shoot down our pending healthcare bill.


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