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How to make money on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube… fast, easy and friendly So you want to make money from Youtube? The people who make money on the Youtube Network are usually not to excited at the prospect…

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ZNGA- Buy or Sell Zynga stock?

Buy or Sell Zynga stock? I’ve been a strong supporter of Zynga (ZNGA), the San Francisco based social game developer, although I violently opposed purchasing the stock at its IPO price of $10. As soon…

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Value Of a College Education?

Value of a College education- Is there still one? College used to be the way to a better life and a good paying job, but in recent years its become quite different. We have all…

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Obama Fiscal Cliff?

Lets not call it the “Obama Fiscal Cliff”?! How about “Debt Ceiling”. Now that the ‘fiscal cliff’ has been avoided we are now at odds with the debt ceiling. Another of the weapons in the…

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Kopimism: Kopying Without Kompensation?  SWEDEN The act of down­load­ing copy­righted mate­r­ial has become a reli­gion, at least accord­ing to Swedish author­i­ties. The Swedish gov­ern­ment has rec­og­nized the Church of Kopimism as a reli­gious orga­ni­za­tion. This…

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How to get more Facebook Likes

How to get more Facebook Likes and Facebook fans FREE Do you have a Facebook Fanpage or Business page? If you do then you might, at one point or another, have wondered how to increase…

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The shocking effects of Fracking

Check out some of the videos showing the shocking effects of Fracking. Fracking (short for hydraulic fracturing) is a drilling technique which involves injecting toxic chemicals, sand, and millions of gallons of water under high pressure…