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Today’s Body Snatching

Even as sentient, logical, analytical beings, humans are often guided by instinct and intuition, a core set of behaviors we have learned to trust and rely on- for good reason. Our evolutionary past has inscribed,…

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Fitness Tips – Stop Treading Water

Easy Fitness Tips Keeping up with the do’s and dont’s of the fitness world is kind of like treading water; eventually you tire and slowly seep back into your own abyss of insecurity.  The propaganda…

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How does Medical Imaging Work

Like so much of medicine, the world of medical imagining is full of arcane acronyms, big words, and very smart people tossing around phrases like ‘collinear equilibrium magnetization’ like they are ordering lunch. But despite…

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Soda can contamination

Soda Can Contaminated, Transmits Disease I’m very sorry I haven’t been around. My father passed away. It was tragic. We had some slightly decent weather here over this last weekend, so we all went out…