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Worst Tattoos Ever

The Worlds Worst Tattoos Ever I am a fan of tattoos as much as the next guy an in my life I’ve seen my share of bad one but I wanted to gather the worst tattoos from…

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The Myth of The Good Old Days

Grandpa, tell us about “The Good Old Days”. Oh, Grandpa will tell ya’ about the good old days, Sonny boy! But first he would tell you to go fishing around in his pockets for hard…

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After Hours Journal: Party

I’d been dating this demon from LA who once again locked me out of the apartment, so I drove out to Mike’s to see this party he’d been talking about. I got an invite a…

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After Hours Journal: Go Greyhound

The Greyhound bus service you didn’t know about I’m taking a Greyhound bus from Roanoke to San Antonio. The guy sitting two seats behind me vomited on himself and the bathroom door latch is broke…

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Republican or Democrat Quiz

Are you Republican or Democrat Quiz. Republican VS Democrat.   Thank you for stopping by to take our Political party Quiz. This Quiz will help you understand whether your core belief system matches up better with the…

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Liberal cat – Living with it!

Snag­gle­puss is a Lib­eral cat, even if he doesn’t come right out and admit it, and let me tell you, liv­ing with a Lib­eral cat is no easy thing no mat­ter WHAT your polit­i­cal leaning.  His diet,…

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How to get out of paying child support

How to get out of paying child support As time goes on it seems its getting tougher and tougher for men in the United States to learn how to get out of paying child support!…

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National Whiner’s day

Now that the end of the world has become a non-event and Christ­mas is an hour or so away, it might be time to start think­ing about the day AFTER Christ­mas, a day of recu­per­at­ing…

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Westboro Baptist Church Counter Protest

Westboro Baptist Church Counter Protest! The West­boro Bap­tist Church (WBC) is an Amer­i­can Prim­i­tive Bap­tist church known for its extreme philoso­phies, espe­cially those against the LGBT com­mu­nity. The church is often referred to as a…