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Spanking Linked to Aggression in Children According to New Study


Spanking Linked to Aggression and Lower Vocabulary Skills A recent study published by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics has concluded that spanking is linked to aggression in children. The objective of the research was to assess if there was any correlation between spanking and the child’s behavior and vocabulary until they […]

Legally Dead Ohio Man Can’t Overturn Death Filing


Legally Dead Ohio Man is Unable to Overturn His Own Death Ruling What would you do if your state listed you as a deceased person after you left town? Since 1994, 61 year old Donald Miller has been legally dead according to the state of Ohio. On Monday, Miller went before the court and testified […]

American Adults Rank Below Average in Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Technology


American Adults Receive a “D” in Math, Literacy, and Problem Solving A report released by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has revealed that America is not number one in literacy proficiency among adults. This report compared the more developed countries against each other to determine which ones displayed overall proficiency in literacy, numeracy, […]

New $100 Bill Debut

New $100 Bills

Debut of New $100 Bill for Tuesday The United States will be debuting a new $100 bill on Tuesday despite entering second week of a partial government shutdown. Starting Tuesday, banks will no longer receive the 1996 bill that we are more familiar with. On the new $100 bill, Benjamin Franklin looks the same but […]

New Study Shows the War on Drugs Has Failed

war on drugs

The War on Drugs has Failed According to New Study The War on Drugs has been a never ending battle spanning decades to which the clear winner must be legalization. According to the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy, the world has failed at reducing the supply and availability of illegal drugs. The study […]

New Scientific Study Explains Why Facts DON’T Matter

Global Warming

Science Reveals Why Sometimes The Facts Don’t Matter Facts don’t matter when it comes to politics according to a new scientific study. How many times have you been in a debate and the other person simply won’t acknowledge that they are wrong, despite factual evidence proving otherwise? According to a new study by Dan Kahan, […]

Colorado Fracking Wells Flooded – Should We Worry?

colorado fracking

Are the Fracking Wells going to crack in the Colorado Flood? Eight people have lost their lives in the Colorado Flood, an ongoing natural disaster. So far, nearly 18,000 homes have been damaged with at least 1,600 considered to be destroyed. Among the many pictures from media outlets across the nation, there is one that […]

The Gruesome Reality of Factory Farming

factory farming

Factory Farming is Torture – Let’s Make a Change Traditionally, many Americans are brought up eating meat as the main course in each meal. Most of us probably don’t think about where the food we eat actually comes from so I conducted some research which has made me think twice about wanting that next serving […]

Missing Persons

missing persons

Do people simply vanish? Where are all of the missing persons? How many times have you seen a face on a milk carton or heard a plea from an emotionally torn family member on the T.V. regarding missing persons? At some point most of us have heard of tragic events and while they are sad, […]

Social Security, Where’s the Money?

Social Security

Will Social Security Still Exist When It Becomes Bankrupt? “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt said this at his First Inaugural Address in 1933. President Roosevelt had the task of reviving America to what it was prior to the Great Depression, and it was most certainly a difficult […]

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