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Swarms of Asian Giant Hornets Leave 41 Dead and 1,600 Injured

giant hornet

Asian Giant Hornets – How Dangerous Could They Be? Reports of Giant Hornets attacks have surged recently in the Shaanxi province, China. Currently, there have been 41 confirmed deaths and over 1,600 more people injured as a result of these insects stinging their victims.

France Bans Child Beauty Pageants

beauty pageant

Child Beauty Pageants Banned in France – Should America Do the Same? There’s a new law that should get the rest of the western world to think about the future of our children. France has decided to ban child beauty pageants on the basis that it is sexualizing minors. If only we could follow in […]

Fukushima – The Ongoing Disaster


Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Caused Radioactive Water to Leak into the Pacific Ocean Fukushima suffered from a terrible accident in March of 2011 when a 15 meter tall tsunami hit Japan as a result of a major earthquake. This wave was large enough to disable the power supply and caused the cooling of three Daiichi nuclear […]

LGBT Boycott Sochi 2014 Olympics After New Anti-Gay Russian Law


Russian Law Allows Kidnapping and Torture of Homosexuals The 2014 Winter Olympic Games are set to take place in Sochi, Russia, but recent protests and boycotts around the world may force a change. These demonstrations, such as the boycott of Russian Vodka, have shown that the issue of LGBT rights might be large enough to […]

The Cove and Japan Dolphins Day


The Cove Documentary and Japan Dolphins Day — September 1st

Are Mermaids Real?

Are Mermaids Real

To date, the highest rated program ever aired by Animal Planet was called “Mermaids: The New Evidence.” The mockumentary was viewed by about 3.6 million people last Sunday. — Mermaids Program — The follow up program, “Mermaids: The Body Found,” which aired last May, claimed that mermaids are indeed real creatures. While both programs were presented […]

Dereliction of Duty?

vatican lightning

Pope Benedict’s decision to step down from the throne of St Peter will have little affect on the Church Universal in the long term.  The Pope is dead;  Long Live the Pope.  The Church with the finesse of an aircraft carrier will make a few adjustments and resume course and speed; direction, to be determined.  […]

Has God Forsaken us?

Has God Forsaken us

April 20, 1999, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold open fire on fellow students at Columbine High School, murdering 13 people. The massacre was particular horrifying in what took place in the library where 10 of the students were randomly slaughtered over the course of several minutes; where was god. March 21, 2005, 16-year-old Jeffrey Weise murders […]

Thoughts on Lent: Time to Lenten Up

Thoughts about lent

Thoughts on Lent I doubt Santa’s suit has returned from the cleaners or that those who attended Mardi Gras last week have gotten over it, and yet Lent, beginning with the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday, is already upon us.  Those of you who chose to abstain from sex and chocolate will receive additional […]

Julian Assange: A Hero, or a Traitor? U.S. calls for his assassination.


The life of Julian Assange may sound like something out of a spy novel- but will he be remembered as a hero or a villain? Some in the US have publicly called for his assassination! Julian Assange is the Australian born founder and editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, which publishes leaked secret information, and classified government documents from anonymous news sources and […]

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