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Cheapest Places to Live in the World

Cheapest Places to live or Vacation in the World- as a Foreigner

Are you thinking about moving overseas, or are you looking for a cheap vacation? Here are a couple of very cheap cities that are still safe, and are actually worth seeing.

Cheapest places to liveBudapest, Hungary

  • Average flight cost: $800
  • Average city center apartment: $200-400/month
  • Hotel: $20-50 a night

Hungarian, may be a challenge to learn but you can’t beat the combination of culture, modern amenities, and low cost of Hungary. Just imagine a beautiful city center apartment that would cost you $1,200/mo or more in the U.S. for only $200-400/mo in Budapest.  These Budapest apartments more often than not are spacious and have modern American style kitchens.

The city is safe and wonderful. Average Hungarian makes $500-600 dollars a month. All prices I’ve quoted are in dollars, the actual currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF) which trades at about 1 USD = 236 HUF. Don’t get confused 1 HUF does not buy the equivalent of what $1 buys in the U.S. For example in Budapest a shot of good whiskey or a beer will cost you 200-400 HUF (85 cents).

Cheapest way to fly: U.S to London Stansted Aiport (Cheapoair tickets around $500-800) – London to Budapes (Ryanair $50-150)

Cheap Apartments: Apartments

Puerto Vallarta - cheapest places to livePuerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • Average flight cost: $450
  • Average city center apartment: $300-700/month
  • Hotel: $30-100 a night

I love Puerto Vallarta! It’s one of those beautiful beach towns that has escaped the public eye. In recent years tourism has increased in Puerto Vallarta but it’s still much cheaper than Cancun or Acapulco.

People are very friendly in PV and you can hire someone to cook and clean for you for under $10 a day! Spanish is a pretty easy language to learn and they’re plenty of American expats already in PV in an area called Gringo Gulch. The beaches are incredible and if you decide you want to become a Mexican citizen all you have to do is live there 5 years!

How to find rentals, workers in PV? Check out the Puerto Vallarta Craigs List! (Get a browser translator app if you have trouble with Spanish)

These are just two write ups. I will keep evaluating more locations and adding them as time goes by so keep checking back.

If you are serious about looking for cheap places you might want to look into Bangkok, Salto (Uganda), anywhere in Nicaragua, Fiji, and Greece.

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