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Conspiracy Theory

conspiracy theory and theories that shape our worldWith the second suspect now in custody after a day of Boston being on lock down  justice can finally be served to one of the two men responsible for the bombing on Monday. I have been following this story for a few days and have already noticed a trend repeating itself as far as tragedies go, the conspiracy theory. Yes, there are already conspiracy theories stating that the two men who were targeted were in “in theory” pawns for a different, bigger scheme against the United States. There are already people re-posting these ridiculous claims such as, “Navy Seals were actually the ones who planted the bombs in Boston.” This is a real accusation that some might have already seen floating around in cyberspace and it is utterly disgusting.

The terrorist attack occurred not even 5 days ago and yet there are already those who truly believe that our government had something to do with the bombing and that this is going to be used to support some sort of new gun regulation for America. The same thing occurred shortly after the school shooting in Newtown where there were videos stating that the victims were still alive and there was even a picture just 2 days ago which allegedly showed the principal from Newtown at the Boston Marathon. This kind of nonsense is just being left untouched and re-posted and followed by so many people that it is sickening.

I served in the Active Army for Operation Enduring Freedom, deploying to Baghdad during the surge. This is the analogy that I want people to think about: someone creating a page on the internet with theories that one of my fellow brothers in arms was not actually dead, that it was all a cover up for some larger conspiracy for the United States government. This is what people are actually doing after tragic events like Boston and Newtown and it needs to stop. Just think if this was your family member who was brutally attacked at some charity benefit or your child at school, put yourself in that situation and if you cannot see that this type of tin foil accusation is outrageous, then I seriously suggest getting yourself check out by a doctor.

My prediction is that there will be talking points from the Conservatives about both immigration and gun control legislation having to do with the attacks in Boston. Somewhere, there will be a declaration that if we had a better “wall” protecting Americans from immigrants and if everyone had the right to a fully automatic rifle that we would have been safer. I know for some that this seems like I am way off base but there have been posts popping up stating that Obama is to blame because these two men were immigrants. I do not see how it is the president’s fault or anyone’s for that matter, that these individuals made the personal decision to attack Americans. The only parties responsible are the terrorists who actually detonated the explosives and to suggest otherwise is lunacy.

I have said it before, America is a great nation, and we need to start acting like it. The next time you hear some outlandish accusation that just seems ridiculous…stand up against it. Don’t just let conspiracy theorists tarnish the ACTUAL events which took place and the FACTS that support the REAL evidence. With situations that are delicate like a terrorist attack where innocent people died, there should be no reason why someone would take it upon themselves to degrade what happened and attempt to turn it into a grand scheme to take over America through government corruption. Stop this ignorance America, we are the “best nation in the world” so we need to lead by example, lead by using common sense.

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