Crocodile Drug

Flesh eating Crocodile Drug spreads to Europe.

Crocodile DrugThe Crocodile drug, also spelled Krocodile, and Krokodil is actually Desomorphine. As the name may suggest the Crocodile Drug is an Opiate, and it can be made quickly and easily from Codeine, Iodine and red phosphorous.  It is said, however, to be between 8 to 10 times more potent than morphine.

At the injection site a users skin will quickly turn green and scaly from gangrene and resemble that of a crocodile right before it starts rotting away exposing tissue and bone.

The drug has become extremely popular in Russia and Eastern Europe. The average life expectancy of a user? Under 1 year.

I’m sure by now your wondering what would make anyone try the Crocodile drug. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer.

The first video shows a Ukrainian man with a leg devoured by the Crocodile drug. Its simply astonishing how quickly the drug has literally eaten the flesh around the injection site.

The second video shows a Russian woman with a few different injuries caused by the drug. Her right arm is almost completely flesh-less from the elbow to her wrist. Furthermore she has some crater like wounds on her inner thighs.

Although no one is completely certain why the Crocodile Drug eats away the flesh of its users many medical professionals believe it is actually caused by “missing the vein” during injections of Desomorphine. For example, an addict over a period of many injections may commonly miss a vein and release some of the drug cocktail into surrounding tissue or muscle. The red phosphorous along with other boot leg ingredients in the drug will then start eating away at the surrounding flesh causing gangrene, infections, and more often than not death.

Unfortunately Russia has the highest percentage of heroin based drug users in the world. Its proximity to Afghanistan and Kazakhstan, and its economic depression have been recipes for disaster.

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