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Guest Post for The Allegiant

Guest PostWould you like to Guest Post for The Allegiant? Its a great opportunity to get published on a syndicated network, and get your material read by 1000′s of people.

Whether you’re Republican or a Democrat, a man or a woman, white or black, or even American or foreign- here at the Allegiant we value your opinion, and would love to invite you to participate in our community.

Writing for the Allegiant will give you a chance to apply for staff writing positions within the company as well as build your reputation as an author.

If you are interested register here.

After you register feel free to browse around our Forum for information on writing a post. If you already have an article ready or would like to pitch an idea feel free to email our Editor in Chief at profmcaldwell@gmail.com.

UPDATE: We have recently created a YouTube channel at The Allegiant Wire. The channel is very new so it’s nothing impressive, but we welcome you to submit videos as well and we will feature them on our channel with a link back to you.

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