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Hillary Clinton for President 2016: Will she Run?

Hillary Clinton for President 2016- may legitimize the struggles of generations of women in America.

hillary-clinton-for-president-2016Before former secretary Clinton decides the scope of her political future, she should consider a concept born out of necessity and raised in the grit of those who came before her.  Social mobility, it is a critical element to maintaining a free and liberated culture in which self-determination is held in the highest of measures. But societies need to mature for upward mobility to become a reality for all the groups under its banners. Unfortunately, this maturing process is only accomplished through struggle before the smallest-of-cracks begins to form on the glass ceilings that holds those under its government hostage.

The term glass ceiling is incredibly appropriate since the group which is unable to breach the invisible barriers are still able to witness other groups ascend. What secretary Clinton must consider is that every so often, through the cluttered muck of societal expectations and baseless taboos, progress finds a vessel. A figure able to bare the weight of generations who have battled and fought for the right to be recognized as equals and carry them to fruition.

In New York for example, it wasn’t until Paulina Wright Davis, Ernestine Rose and Elizabeth Cady Stanton grew tired of being treated as second class citizens that the Married Women’s Property Act of 1848 passed. Prior to this law, women were not able to control property, make contracts, own wages and so on. While this was a substantial gain and influenced other states to take action, it was only the beginning.

While being able to keep and control what you earn does provide some recognition, being recognized as citizens means you also should have a voice in choosing your government.  Alice Paul and Lucy Burns knew this was the case and were determined to amend these inequities. From 1917 to 1919 Paul, Burns and a host of others carried the mantle passed up to them by previous generations of women who voiced their desire to be recognized as equals but who found themselves immersed in an immature society incapable of acknowledging its own deficits.

Even though the times had changed, Paul, Burns and the entirety of the women’s suffrage moment found themselves admonished and even imprisoned for self-advocacy. But progress would prevail and the glass ceiling would once again collapse under the pressure of those who refused to break bounds with the women that had pounded at the glass long before them.

The struggle didn’t end there, over the last ninety years since the nineteenth amendment women have pushed, clawed, punched and battled their way out of the myths of gender supremacy to establish themselves. Ceiling after ceiling has come crashing down from the actions and efforts of women like Rosa Parks and her iconic stand against segregation of all races to Dr. Diana Russell and her once controversial work to lift the veil of sexual violence against all women.  Progressing ever forward, these women have been blazing the trail and brushing aside the stubborn carcasses of old ideas and misguided perceptions.

With all this considered, there still remains one last ceiling which must be shattered to fully legitimize these struggles. The last bastion of a forgotten ideology which places women on the outside of the relm of possibilities. There have actually been a number of women who have attempted to knock at this last, seemingly impenetrable glass wall. Most of which have been virtually ignored and whose run was more of a symbolic gesture then a realistic attempt at the oval office.  Secretary Clinton on the other hand will not be ignored; she will not partake on a symbolic run at an office that is beyond her reach.

I believe Miss. Clinton is obligated to run for president, if for nothing else, the simple fact that she can win. She has the credentials, she has the presence and she has the political muscle to cultivate the efforts of all those who blazed the trail right up to the front steps of the Whitehouse. The generations of pioneers, activists, dreamers and visionaries who challenged the conventional thinking of their time to make a small notch in the fabric of American culture for no other reason than to allow the next generation to continue climbing can finally have a path to the mountain top.

Secretary Clinton is now that vessel of progress which must challenge the status quo. She must etch in the final notch and effectively erase the rusty old stigma that has eluded extinction for far too long. She can finally bridge the past and future so generations to come have no more social boundaries to restrain their ambitions or smother their sprits.

This is her calling, her legacy to pass down and allow the female gender to collectively exhale, knowing that they have finally arrived. The Presidency is the ultimate position of leadership and for a woman to hold that office would represent the gleaming light that will cast out the dark stains of intolerance that this country so desperately needs to shed.

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