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The Forgotten History of Gun Control

History of Gun Control: With all the debate over gun control, people are forgetting why the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution in the first place.

History of Gun ControlEver since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the debate over gun control has been spreading like wild fire. What people are forgetting, is the reason the Second Amendment was created in the first place.

Before the Constitution was completed and put into effect, the Articles of Confederation was the agreement among the 13 founding states that established the United States of America. This system called for a weak centralized Government, which was exposed by Shay’s Rebellion[1]. The Second Amendment was thus enacted.

People forget that when the Constitution was created in 1787 we were being threatened by the British to the north and by the Spanish to the west and south. With the Articles of Confederation giving very little ability to centralized the government, there was no standing army. The government couldn’t raise the funds necessary to pay for one. One of the results to this was the lengthy continuation of the Shay’s Rebellion -which roared on for months- until the Massachusetts Government was finally able to raise funds from local shop owners.

In my own opinion, the Second Amendment wasn’t created so that people could collect an arsenal of arms comparative to that of an army base. It was created so that people could defend the principles that the Constitution was founded on, which are: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Let the American public try, for one moment, to be reasonable in discussing these matters.  No one is trying to take weapons away. Legislation is being evaluated and presented that proposes everyone submit to background checks when purchasing a weapon. One particular specification included in this proposal is the assault weapon and large capacity magazines ban. Is that so terrible?

The GOP is disseminating misinformation in regards to gun control legislation. No one is going to come to your home and take your weapons (As long as you are legally entitled to have them).

I hope more Americans will give pause and try to understand that this bill is not about controlling people -it is ideally about a desire to protect them.


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