How to change your life

Learning how to change your life is easy. Actually changing it is the hard part!

How to change your lifeLike the old saying goes: “Life is what you make it”. Whether you want to be a business owner, a 50 year playboy, or learn how to survive in the wilderness so you can live off the grid in the mountains of Alaska- there will always be bitter with the sweet.

Inevitably everything becomes routine and we take things for granted. Just like the most generous people tend to be the ones without, most of the truly happy people I’ve encountered through my life live modestly.

So how do you change your life? How do you find happiness?

You jump! You only have one life to live. Time is the only thing that really matters in our lives and we are all running out of it. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anyone regret following their passion.

I’ve been alone most of my life and dated casually. I’ve cherished this freedom. A lifestyle choice many men and women don’t have because of the sudden advent of children, marriage, and responsibility. I suppose the absence of that “good woman” in my life has allowed me to make more than my share of mistakes.

In the back of mind I’ve always thought having a family and a stable home life would be a great joy. At the same time every married man I’ve come across was either jaded by divorce or so mesmerized by the “freedom” I possessed that they counselled me to stay away from marriage. They made it seem like a death sentence.

Where are the happily married couples? All you ever hear about marriage is that it takes work. Where is the fun?

Dating is expensive! I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the bar scene either. Most people that get divorced also get remarried. That must mean something…. right? Maybe that marriage isn’t that bad after all or that everybody needs somebody.

So what is happiness to me?

Its being in love with your wife, loving your kids and watching them grow, its making your passion your job and your job your passion, its looking in the mirror and being happy with the type of person you are, and most of all doing your best to leave the world a better place.

I’m sure you’re still wondering: “So how do I change my life?” Well… first I’d look at what you want to change and why. What do you really want out of changing your life? A different city, partner, job and car may seem like a great change but in the end you’re still the one in them.

Before you change the things around you- try to change yourself because that, my friend, is the greatest change of all!

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