How to get out of paying child support

How to get out of paying child support

179632234-661x349As time goes on it seems its getting tougher and tougher for men in the United States to learn how to get out of paying child support!

I’m not going to judge the reason why you want How to Avoid Child Support, and are reading this article. Honestly I’ve seen men struggle to survive living in a studio apartment while the ex drives a BMW and lives in a house in the highlands.

The Child Support system in the USA is flawed and we all know this. To often than not joint custody is denied for no good reason and the father is stuck paying 60% of his income to the ex. The worst part is the father is taxed on his full income, and the mother that receives it is completely exempt.

What does this mean?

howtoavoidchildsupportIt means a mother of 2 who makes 2k a month and receives another 2-3k a month in child support is STILL eligible for all kinds of US benefits from food stamps, cash assistant to government home loans and all the other goodies because you can’t count child support as income. The father on the other hand after that 60% is gone is stuck with only $1,500 a month and can’t claim any benefits because on paper he makes $3,500/month.

And then there is the Child Income Credit that pays mothers $3,500 per child at tax time regardless of how much they earned. Talk about a cash frenzy.

Add to that- the father gets treated like shit by the ex, the kids hear the mom speaking ill of him at home all the time, and he has to stand by and watch the mothers new boyfriends plow her like a Siberian corn field, as they move in with her, and start bossing his kids around.

If that doesn’t make you wanna mouth wash with a .38 I don’t know what will.

If your in a tough spot you NEED to do whatever you can to get joint custody! Even if it cost you $10,000 in lawyer fees you would be spending that in no time on child support! That is the only fool-proof way on how to get out of paying child support.

In the future don’t give a girl your real name lol. Avoid a DNA paternity test like the plague. And even if your subpoenaed don’t go. You can move out of state and then contest the courts ruling  Your always better off saving up some money as soon as you find out you may become a father. Have it ready for laywer fees to make sure you get joint custody.

The only other thing I can tell you is that the state of New Hampshire does not extradite on cases of unpaid child support.

Hope that helps! For more info check out the controversial eBook that has helped 1000’s men.


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