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Out of Options? How to join the French Foregn Legion

Wife leave you? Business go bankrupt? Out of Options? Thinking about how to join the French Foreign Legion?

FFL - French foreign legionThe French Foreign Legion is a part of the French Military. It’s called “Foreign Legion” because it’s made up of foreigners. Anyone from anywhere in the world can show up  at one of their recruiting offices in France and join, regardless of their history and nationality. Obviously you can’t be wanted by the Interpol for a major crime, but aside from that, you’re in. After five years of service in the FFL you will receive a French citizenship.

Joining the FFL is like joining any military although most say the physical and mental challenges are much harder. The main reason why the FFL is so tough is because A LOT of people try to join from all over the world. Most of these people are refugees  some even persecuted in their own countries. These are people that will literally kill for a French citizenship. Here are a few of the popular questions I’ve received in regards to the FFL:

Can an American join the French Foreign Legion?
Yes. There are no nationality restrictions.

Do I have to speak French to join the French Foreign Legion?
No. They will teach you. However, I would advise some basic knowledge.

What are the main reasons people are turned down at the recruiting office?
Health issues, (even cavities) and failure to pass physical test.

How much does the French Foreign Legion pay?
I believe it’s around 1,200 euros a month with a bonus up to 3,000 euros a month during deployment.

How tough is the French Foreign Legion?
You’re in a different country, with a different language, you’re cold, sleep deprived, starved, and exhausted for 15 weeks of training. The main reason people regret joining up is because they are home sick and miss family and friends.

Why do people join the French Foreign Legion?
Stable employment, decent pay, french citizenship, military training, and most of all- you get to call yourself a Legionnaire.

If it’s so great why don’t you join?
I never said it was great. I’m ex U.S. military. I would advise anyone to join their home countries military first. You will be treated better. Legionnaires are considered mercenaries and are very expendable. At one point 10% of their new recruits wouldn’t make it alive to their 5th year of service.

If you’re going to join the FFL try to do it with a buddy. Train hard before you go. Make sure you go to the dentist and get your cavities fixed before you go because they WILL not take you if they have to spend any money to “fix” you. Pack light and don’t quit!

French Foreign Legion Home Page

FFL Wiki

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