How to Take the Money out of Politics: Don’t Pay Them

“Love of money is the root of all evil.” – Anonymous

Take the money out of PoliticsEvery day, I go online to read the news, and every day, I see a new story about how some politician has been accepting bribes from someone who has something to gain with a new law, or I read about politicians  making laws that do everything but benefit the common man because it will make more money for their own political party. To those who are in the know about the current political stance of the average American, it’s also very obvious that politicians are dragging their feet on certain laws (*cough* pot legalization *cough*) because there is money to be made in keeping certain things illegal, even if the average American wants it to be legalized. People decry the for-profit prison systems that are kept hush-hush from the public eye. Everyone who I have heard complain about the government points to politician’s love of money as the root of many of the evils in the current political world.

And you know what? I agree with them!

But in my opinion, there is a really easy way to avoid having to deal with this issue ever again – don’t pay politicians until after they have finished their term, make it illegal for news companies to accept money from lobbyists, make the penalty for accepting bribes a life sentence in prison, and make it illegal for “career politicians” to exist by putting a cap on how many times a person can sit in office. Moreover, I believe that there should be a crime for politicians that pass laws that are against the majority wishes of the country’s citizens and/or the common good.

The SOPA Example: Why We Need To Take Profit Out Of Politics And Police Politicians

For instance, I believe that the senators who backed SOPA and PIPA should have been put in jail. Had the bill passed, we would have lost our last real bastion of free speech, and copyright infringement lawsuits would have been flying left and right. This would cripple court systems across the country. Literally, a huge portion of what makes America still free would have been gone. To me, that’s a crime. A huge crime.  If the American people can agree with a majority of 90% that the politician was not acting for the benefit of the good of the country (and I think most would agree that trying to pass SOPA was not good for anyone but lobbyists), then that person definitely should get jail time. There isn’t a bone in my body that doesn’t believe that 90% of the US would have voted to put some of those senators behind bars for trying to pass such an audacious, draconian set of laws.

If you really think about it, taking profit out of politics was the reason why SOPA wasn’t passed. It was the grassroots organization that first raised the alarm about SOPA – which was quietly on its way to being passed in the House and Senate. It was only when millions of people threatened to vote their crooks politicians out of office that politicians finally backed down on the bill. After all, they would have lost their jobs if they passed the bill.

Why Career Politicians Need To Just Stop

The revolving door between lobbyists and career politicians is scarily obvious to those who read up on major issues, and this is a huge sign that America needs to change. We have constructed a system that gives people the ability to stay politicians for decades (example – Strom Thurmond) without having to worry about their job. This old boys club is so pervasive, it’s become common for politicians to get high seating in banking companies, FDA offices, and other areas which need more regulation if they have fallen out of good graces with the public.  We have created a system where there is a certain portion of society that is stuck in a win-win situation, while the rest of us lose. This system needs to be fixed, and soon. We need to vote in new politicians, and we also need to start pressuring politicians to pass laws making it illegal to be hired in certain industries after serving office.

Want This Stuff To Stop?

Politics has got to stop being as profitable as it is right now. If you take the profit out of bad politics, and if you force politicians to listen to their people, they will have little choice but to start voting the way that people want them to vote. End of story.

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