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Is true love real? Unconditional love?

Is true love real? Is there such thing as unconditional love?

Is true love real

No. Not the way Hollywood, Nora Jones, or Nicholas Sparks portray it. That sort of Love was invented by Ad Men to sell nylons.

I don’t mean to be a downer. I’ve actually fancied myself a romantic most of my life. I can tell you it didn’t get me far.

Is love putting someones else’s needs and well being above your own? Sure. If you’re talking about your kids. I truly don’t think it’s healthy to put your romantic partners well being above your own. Many times we become so insecure about loosing someone we can’t help but do anything to make them happy.

In truth, the only way a relationship will work is to keep balance. Unfortunately this is rarely the case. In my personal experience there’ s always an Alpha and a Beta in a relationship that’s doomed to fail. In other words- someone is more infatuated with the other. More willing to make sacrifices to keep the other happy. That’s not healthy.

Ever heard someone say: “You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else”? If your like most people you just brushed it off, as did I. Then one day I stopped to think about it and to me it meant you have to value yourself enough not to settle for someone or be willing to give up your own wants and desires just for your partners happiness.

True Love is a balanced, kind, love that withstands the test of time. Too many people are in love with being in love. If you are reading this today maybe you’re lonely. Well my friend I’m lonely too. (high brow Journey reference)

I’m not saying you shouldn’t actively try to find love. I’m also not saying you shouldn’t compromise in a relationship from time to time.

Just remember who you are.

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