Mustache Fad – When, where, WHY?

Wondering what the hell has been going on with this Mustache Fad?

mustache fadThe Mustache Fad has persisted for the past 3 years.

Many people are wondering WHY? When did bacon and mustaches become the new Chuck Norris?

I think the best part of the whole fad is that it was, initially, perpetuated by the “alternative” against-everything-mainstream ” hipsters. Oddly enough they think the fad was stolen from them. That is not so.

Another theory is that the mustache fad was somehow connected to the testicular cancer awareness movement. That also is not so.

So where did the mustache fad come from? Take a guess… The media. The concept has been a publicity/merchandising scheme that started based on the 60’s porn stash revival.

heinekenstashMany companies followed and added to the catalyst of this fad like Dos Equis and Heineken.

If you can’t stop them join them was the philosophy- all the while consumers played into it. In all honesty I don’t think its a big deal to play into a fad but I can’t help but be tickled to death by it. The sight of so many people getting upset over the issue and claiming they aren’t influenced by marketing and advertising all the while playing into one of the biggest fads of our generation.

So whats next? Well lets all go out and buy a mustache t-shirt for one. And just for kicks here is my own personal mustache pic for your viewing pleasure (Me and my girlfriend Nicole):

Vincent Briatore and Nicole Gagliardi


We did feel extremely cool and hip taking this photo. Anyone else have any stash pics they’d like to share?

Maybe we should make it a weekly contest. User submitted stash pictures- the best one of the week wins a razor.

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