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Oscar writes Jodi Arias – A Match Made in Hell

a match made in hellWe are talking about beautiful Jodi Arias who killed her boyfriend by stabbing him 28 times in the shower, slitting his throat from ear to ear, and then shooting him in the head. This occurred in 2008 in Mesa, AZ but the trial is currently underway and in full swing. More about Jodi Arias.

Her perfect Cupid seems to be Oscar Pitorious who shot his girlfriend in the head 4 times with a 9mm pistol. His trial is currently underway as well. Sources close to Oscar Pitorious say he has been writing Jodi Arias. An odd choice on his part since he still claims his innocence and this news may negatively impact his trial.  More about Oscar Pitorious

2012 Virgin Active Sports Industry AwardsA more attractive picture of Jodi Arias

Perhaps making them a couple would be a good punishment. Set them free on some “cast away” deserted island. Maybe we could make it a reality TV show. Now that’s a good idea. We could call the show: “Till death do us part”.

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