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Republican Party Split: Is it over?

Republican Party Split: The Dawn of a New Era?

Republican Party Split Since 2009, the Tea Party and the Republican Party have worked together on the conservative side of political spectrum, and until recently these two groups were nearly one in the same. These parties declare to represent the “Real Americans” and the “Working Middle-Class” in the United States and are strongly supported by a grassroots movement that swept across this nation in a short amount of time. Now there has been a blow to this union of Red voters ever since the 2012 election was won by President Barack Hussein Obama. Karl Rove, the former Deputy Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, has formed a new Super Pac called the Conservative Victory Project which aims to support GOP candidates who he thinks can obtain victory in the next election.

There have been a few losses on the Republicans side which not only made voters question their credibility, but it also showed a very negative side which some might say was an embarrassment for the GOP. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost their elections and more than likely turned away female voters by crossing that line of “informing” us with their actual feelings behind rape and abortion. Republicans want to attempt to forget about these types of candidates and are trying to focus on winning elections as well as the new demographics needed to do so.

Rather than change policy, the only thing that seems to be different about the Conservatives has been a “messaging problem.” Recently the Right has decided that due to “language errors”, as FOX News has stated, the Presidential election was lost along with many swing voters who they are trying to win back. The actual policy of the GOP is NOT changing but how they are choosing to word their views IS different than before. Illegal aliens are now referred to as “undocumented Americans” and smaller government is now called “More effective and efficient government.” This word-play instead of policy adjustment seems to be counter-productive but it has worked in the past so they will continue to try this method in hopes of success.

John McCain acknowledged that the Republicans lost out on a large percentage of Latino Voters in November, but he seems to be more focused on the percentage differences rather than the physical people. Instead of displaying a stance that the country needs reforms for immigration because the issue matters to him, McCain is more interested in winning the next election and doesn’t really seem personally passionate about the subject. The Republicans almost seem desperate to try and distance themselves from their previous stance on immigration in order to gain an edge in future elections.

This President has come under a lot of fire from all spectrum’s of the Right side of politics. Obama has been called a Muslim, Foreigner, Socialist, and has even had to release his birth certificate to the media which was also questioned because it still wasn’t good enough for some people. The attack of a President via the media is inevitable no matter what side they represent, but this was the first African American President of the United States and clearly this nation, well half of it anyway, was simply not ready. The Tea Party is a strong advocator of a lot of the aforementioned claims which have all been not only ridiculous, but proven wrong.

The future is uncertain with the hostilities rising between the Republicans and the Tea Party. For all we know, there could be a split among the two groups which would cripple the chances of a Conservative candidate winning in the next Presidential Election. Republicans are trying to modernize their party and move away from the radicalism that is the strong base of the Tea Party. Unfortunately for the GOP, some of their most avid and loyal supporters came from the movement this country experienced with the grassroots coming out and waving their respective flags. The Tea Party has been supported by Republican Party who, until now, encouraged a more extreme view of politics. It will be interesting to see how this dispute unravels and what is to come of both political parties in the future.

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