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Right Wing Media Bias Debacle

Right Wing MediaWhen republicans side stepped FCC regulations which only allowed ownership of sixteen media outlets of one type per person, they couched it as ‘free enterprise’ to the few who questioned the move.

In reality this was an attempt to control the flow of information, and an industry that republicans saw as enemies.

Some forget that the term ‘liberal media’ was coined by Lee Atwater who blamed the Washington Post for destroying the Nixon presidency. That he found no fault in Nixon’s actions should have been revealing, and for the few of us paying attention at the time, it surely was…

For the record, there is no truly ‘liberal media’ in the Unites States, and minus the Internet, there still isn’t. But more on that presently. Why concentrating the media into fewer and fewer hands was for them - ’a good idea’ was simply – expediency. When you have thousands of owners your task becomes nearly impossible. When there’s only three, not so much. Especially if those three are large corporations and natural allies.

But why attempt this at all?

Because they wished to control the flow of information and by doing so insure their hold on political power. And to a large extent they achieved these goals. They even stole a presidential election.

What are Fox News and the thousands of conservative (by their definition) radio talk shows but a Republican information distribution networks? And what is ‘republican information’ but propaganda?

And as we’ve come to know, it surely IS propaganda. There was only one other political movement as committed to propaganda as these new republicans are.

Republicans went at it like pros. They defined terms, they indulged in character assassination, they created suspicion of any one with an education. They used straw man arguments ceaselessly. They said their positions were ‘common sense’ – as if by disagreeing that global warning (let’s say) didn’t exist you had none. The term ‘Liberal’ became an all inclusive insult. The propaganda handlers went at it like fish in water, and enjoyed the hell out of it.


They made TWO mistakes:

The first being the mushrooming numbers of those using the Internet for news and communication. This made information once again uncontrollable. Busting conservatives on their misinformation is now a cottage industry.

But the second is what weakened them to the point of losing what most thought would be an easy win in the presidency in 2012. And what may very well put them down for the long haul.

They indulged in the wholesale use of propaganda without understanding the consequences. The main issue being: When you use the ‘big lie’ (as Goebbels called it) often enough and for long enough YOU begin to believe it yourself. It is unavoidable. You forget that it was complete fabrication and no longer think of it at all, but begin to build upon it, each layer being more skewed and distorted than the previous one, until what you have is – as Jon Stewart calls it: Bullshit Mountain.

We know how these sad stories end.

Hiding in a bunker with a gun in your mouth, waiting for imaginary armies to rescue you. As the current schism seems to indicate republicans are already in the bunker.

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