Spring Trends 2013: Safe to Splurge

Spring Trends 2013

Spring Trends 2013I love to be trendy.  I feel excitement and pride when my wardrobe is up-to-date and cutting edge.  However, I feel even more proud when I make choices in the interest of sustainable fashion.  One of my favorite ways to stay both trendy and responsible is to choose trends that will last, and that I will be able to wear for seasons to come.  So if you’re going to splurge, I recommend splurging on these Spring 2013 trends: suiting, silk, saturated colors, gladiator shoes and statement necklaces.

Narciso Rogdriguez, Oscar de  la Renta and Rag & Bone are just a few labels that are mixing suiting pieces into everyday wardrobes.  These pieces can be easily paired with other suiting pieces to create a look of elegance in a true business setting.  They can also be dressed down by being combined with more laid back pieces.  Prepare to get attention if you go out in shorts, a tank top, booties and a well tailored blazer. It’s a look the inspires confidence within, and will make that confidence evident to those who are lucky enough to see you.

Silk is timeless.  You’ll find it in pants, dresses, jackets and blouses this season.  But do be careful when choosing a solid or a print.  Silk solids, in almost any color, will always be appropriate- even across seasons.  Many spring prints are stunning, but may not be in style for long.  As a huge sucker for prints, I typically choose a subtle animal or floral print that I know will give me years of wear.

Last spring was the year of pastels.  Designers chose ultra-light and alluring hues that made everyone look like a coy Easter egg, but somehow in a good way.  This year you will still find some pastels, but overall this spring is about deep, saturated colors.  Emerald has been chosen as the color of the season and is a safe buy.  Even when it passes the torch next season, emerald will remain flattering, classic and a worthy addition to your wardrobe.  Deep navy, red and magenta are the colors to buy, or dig out of your closet this spring.

Saturation aside, some bright, almost neon, colors pop up in the spring collections.  Vibrant yellows, greens and pinks add drama to more subtle looks with the youthful exuberance that lies in the essence of spring itself.

Gladiator shoes made a triumphant return to the fashion scene years ago, but this spring they will truly be everywhere.  Well, I do doubt that they will be on actual gladiators because the heel heights would practically guarantee a twisted ankle, and thus lead to being devoured by lions.  However, if you are less into pugilism and more into presentation, gladiator sandals can really kick your look up a couple of notches.  They come in neutrals, which are safer and more versatile, and pop colors, which are more fun and will illicit more compliments.

Lastly, we come to the statement necklace.  Worn correctly, a statement necklace can take your outfit all the way up to eleven!  Unfortunately, they can also be incredibly pricey and hard to re-wear, because after all, you made a statement with it the first time around.  I suggest scouring sale racks, checking out lower end jewelry vendors, or even making them yourself from supplies you can get from almost any craft store.

Soon Punxsutawney Phil will be using his shadow divination to advise us on the duration of the remaining weeks of winter.  No matter what he sees, we can all be sure that spring is on its way.  Take this time to prepare your closet and make sustainable choices, and you’ll be blooming before the tulips.

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