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Fox News – Hosts of “The Five” Rant About Muslims

Hosts of “The Five” rant about Muslims on Fox News

Muslim Boy

Fox News is at it again with the anti-Muslim hate speech and this time they are using it to strike fear into the hearts of Americans. “Fair and Balanced” is the slogan for this media outlet but unsurprisingly Fox News viewers are actually 94% Republican. Obviously they must cater to their viewers so they have yet again spewed hatred and fear by dedicating a segment to question how safe malls really are in the U.S.

In this particular show, The Five, every person sitting at that news table made an effort to make America look like the good guys by bashing an entire religion, Islam. This program is actually creating an “us vs them” type of conflict by continually making references to Christians throughout this segment. “You take your life in your hands anytime you travel outside of the United States, especially if you are a Christian.” – Eric Bolling

Greg Gutfeld said, “This doesn’t happen in America, we don’t kill if you’re not wearing plaid pants.” — While this might be true, Gutfeld fails to mention the fact that Americans kill each other far more than they are killed by terrorists. As of today, roughly 25,000 people have died from guns in the U.S. since the Newtown attack. Rather than talking about why Americans are killing each other, this pannel has decided to talk about how “evil” Muslims are.

Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, stated -”They hate freedom because freedom is against everything they believe in, extremists…this is the ultimate battle of good versus evil.” Doesn’t this sound familiar to what George W. Bush was saying about terrorists during his presidency, “they hate us for our freedom.”

One major flaw in what Perino is advocating is that she failed to mention all of the bombings which America has yet to answer for that have killed innocent civilians. Perhaps because these deaths were not Americans, they aren’t reported with the same level of importance. Apparently people are not equal on this program.

Not only did this panel lump Muslims together, they essentially pulled the same maneuver that the Bush administration did after 9-11. We were attacked by a mostly Saudi group of individuals who were affiliated with al-Qaeda. Somehow the American people were told that Iraq was an imminent threat because Saddam Hussein was determined to attack the U.S. despite a lack of true evidence. This news broadcast is putting the entire religion of Islam into a group despite their countries of origin.

This isn’t genuine news, this is 6 minutes of ignorance and fear mongering. In every group there are extremists and those who seek to perform heinous acts of violence towards innocent people, this is not limited to Islam. While I understand that the terrorist attacks are awful, we must acknowledge that America is not the angelic big brother that these newscasters want us to believe.

When we went into Iraq, the belief was that we were going to be greeted as liberators once we occupied the country. In the process of “spreading freedom” to Iraq, an estimated 125 thousand people died. America invaded a country that didn’t attack us and insisted that we were doing the right thing by bringing democracy to the Middle East. Did we stop to consider that there might possibly be a large number of individuals who didn’t like our invasion of their homeland?

We have created many enemies all over the world and extremists use religion as a way to rally people together to fight against the United States. The case that these T.V. hosts are trying to make is that this type of attack could happen anywhere in the U.S. because Muslims hate Christians(in Fox News land America is a Christian Nation). Once again, religion is the basis for conflicting with a group of people only this time Fox News is doing it through a news broadcast.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “The intolerance, the violence, the persecution of non-Muslims, the hatred is just staggering and people should be worried. They should be afraid.” — Couldn’t that same reasoning be used against the hosts of this show?

The most “radical” rant about Muslims came from Bob Beckel who said, “No Muslim students coming here with visas, no more mosques being built here…” Later in the converstaion Beckel added, “What you ought to do is disband them from the church but you won’t do it. Do you know why? Because you’re afraid your’e gonna get shot.”

These statements are nothing more than propaganda for their viewers to use in opposition to a specific religion. Spreading hate is counterproductive and this type of news programming is disgusting. These hosts speak of religious persecution and intolerance against a group of people and then hypocritically use the same logic when defending their own beliefs on the subject.

A news organization should not be against a group of people, especially those belonging to a particular religion. There is a difference between advocating for a group to stand up against extremists and blatant hate speech implying someone will be shot for their words. The end result of this discussion is spreading more fear about Muslims. Fear is a powerful tool, it can be used control us – “The idea is to strike fear into how we live our daily lives.” — Dana Perino

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