the sole political partyRepublicans sermonize from a pulpit that appears to connect with people who value tradition and minimal free-market regulations. Democrats whine from a stage that seemingly plays to people who value change and maximum social-justice regulations. Why do we have to decide between these two? Where is the option for a political party that promotes liberalism and minimal regulation? Why does open-mindedness somehow translate into bigger, more bureaucratic government? Why does freedom from excessive governmental controls coincide with backward ideas of maintaining the status quo?

Just because I believe in the right to bear arms does not mean that I agree with artistic censorship, homophobia, and racism. Just because I believe in a free-market economy does not mean I agree with massive corporate orgies. Just because I am a woman with feminist beliefs does not mean I agree with institutionalizing those beliefs.

Such connections are absurd, but they are presented by the media as political pills to be swallowed in this out-dated two-party system.

The Democratic mindset traps liberalism into social issues devoid of community context, while spamming commercials for fuel-efficient cars and padded bras. The Republican mindset traps conservatism into ideas of fear, religious dogma, and military hype, all the while proselytizing logos of American Flags and SUVs.

Where is the alternative political party? Who can I vote for that will not threaten my right to protect myself but who will also stop butt-humping other countries with an oil lubricant? Is environmental sustainability that anathema to freedom?

Even political parties and movements that appear to be different on the surface, such as Libertarian, become the same in practice when they choose Republicans to represent them. Why are politics so obviously placed in boxes of  mutual exclusion?

The answer is simple: political division increases sales. There’s no difference between the primary agreed upon agenda of both parties. Consumerism is the single –ism, dogma, tradition, bait, and watershed that links the two political parties together. Nike makes profits off of feminism, and damn if Wal-Mart doesn’t tout loyalty to “greenness.”

Is Nike liberal and aligned with Democrats? Is Wal-Mart a conservative Republican entity? No. Just like politicians in this money-hungry, over-fed society, they are materialistic driven whores who sell crap in the guise of meanings, beliefs, and ideals to the highest bidder. And guess who’s buying?

We live in a culture seduced into a blind and vacuous love of consumerism that overshadows any pretense of political diversity.

The only way to challenge this system is through the progressively diligent and constant expression of independent voice into every media outlet possible. We have the ability to look at things differently, to revisit concepts and ideas that are important to us until they become defined by us. Only when we learn to interpret meaning for ourselves will we have the tools to create substantial and lasting political alternatives.

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