Value Of a College Education?

Value of a College education- Is there still one?

Value of a college EducationCollege used to be the way to a better life and a good paying job, but in recent years its become quite different. We have all been told most of our lives that the only way to get a high paying job is by obtaining a college degree, but today it isn’t quite that easy. Perhaps twenty years ago there were job openings for college graduates that were just waiting to be filled but it seems that now it is the opposite. It seems that colleges are in it for profit more than actually furthering our education.

After years of little sleep, poor diet, and countless hours of studying, there are still people with college degrees that simply cannot find a job. Veterans with engineering degrees cannot find a job and it just boggles my mind as to how something like that can even be possible. It seems that college has become more of a money making industry than a career building foundation. From elementary school, all the way until that last day of high school, we are all bombarded with campus choices and reminded that if we want to grow up and be somebody that we MUST have a degree.

So whats the value of a college education? There are graduates that have student loans in the tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are struggling to find a job despite years of further education. In reality, graduates have the equivalent of a home loan looming over their heads without owning anything more than a piece of paper. Something even worse about this whole situation is that there are employers who actually consider certain degrees to be worse than no degree at all. A degree in Liberal Arts, for instance, is quite common but according to the Forbes list of worst degrees it is the fifth worse degree to obtain which equals money down the drain.

Community colleges aren’t as expensive as larger schools but the downside is that the credits often do not transfer to major colleges and even worse the degrees are seen as easily obtainable and discredited. There is so much pressure at the age of eighteen to try and decide what we want to do the rest of our lives. Countless majors are changed in that first year of school because students discover that what they thought they wanted to do just wasn’t quite a reality for them.

It seems that other countries have a better system and by that I mean free college for everyone. This is one way that a college and a country grow to have more educated individuals which means more money for everyone. If we all have the same opportunity for more education and money is no factor then it is more likely that there will be a larger number of adults with college degrees. America is about capitalism and making money but there are certain things that just shouldn’t be about how much profit can be made and college is one of them. Students already pay ridiculous amounts of money for books that are sometimes not even needed but they are instructed to purchase. Parking passes are invalid on game day so that the school can make a few extra dollars and a student has to literally pay to take a test.

We all want to better ourselves in some way and college is one route through which we can take a step toward a better life. Money should not be the main factor that determines how someone gets an education; it should be for the well being of the country. College isn’t for everyone and there are people that would rather work at a factory or even those who get lucky enough and find some way to make it without a degree. An education should not be a financial burden for years to come but if we are truly in it to better society then we must find some way to make it about the degree and not the dollar.

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