What does being Liberal mean?

What does being Liberal mean? The not-so-age-old question.

What does being a liberal mean

To different people “being liberal” means different things.

So what does being a liberal mean? As an Adjective it means: “Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values” and as a Noun: “A person of liberal views”.

Historically, Liberalism, has been a movement in support of free and fair elections, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and private property. I highlighted “private property” for those that associate liberals and democrats with socialism and communism. Liberals even instituted the trial by jury for criminal offenses.

The modern Liberal usually supports minimum wage and other labor laws as well as same sex marriage and sexual and racial equality. And love it or hate it liberal legislation created Medicare and Medicaid. Most of the worlds richest and most powerful nations are liberal democracies with extensive social welfare programs.

Most Liberals will agree the American welfare system is not working properly but they will also agree that it is in need of a reform and not budget cuts.

Being a Liberal means believing that the true wealth and strength of a nation is reflected in how it treats its weakest populace. It means “looking at the big picture” favoring community support and education over individualism and microeconomics.

Liberals are progressive. Liberals are free thinkers. Liberals are dissidents who question the establishment in a never-ending battle for social justice, equality, and freedom for all people of our nation and the world.

Liberals don’t believe we should take MORE from the rich to give to the poor but they do believe its a social responsibility for those who have more and are affluent to aid the poor who lack even the most dire of services like food and shelter.

Liberals will always believe the world can be a better place. For all of us.

If you have read thus far I’m sure you have figured out I’m a Liberal and although this is a liberal-biased article it is an accurate depiction of being a liberal.


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