What drives an actor/actress to go to certain extremes for roles?

What drives an actor or actress to go to certain extremes for roles? That is the question I hope to answer with this article.

actors and extreme rolesOver the years we have witnessed actors such as Christian Bale and even the deceased Heath Ledger transform and mold themselves into a totally diverse image. It sounds simple on paper, but it isn’t. The transformations that these people put themselves through are extreme. It can be tremendous weight loss or even plastic surgery.

But why do this? Is it a result of an obsession or is it overzealous passion for their work? Maybe it is a combination of the two. Recently, the forty-three year old actor Matthew McConaughey landed the role of an HIV victim in a movie called “The Dallas Buyer’s Club”.  For the role, he had to lose around 30 pounds. He successfully completed this task. McConaughey now looks like a totally different person and is sometimes it’s hard to recognize him, but he was successful in capturing the image of an HIV victim.

Some people look at these cases and are disgusted. Some are even amazed. Though, I think they all wonder hard as to why these people do what they do. I have a relatively simple answer that you may or may not agree with. It is like I said, the combination of obsession and passion. Of course this could vary depending on the actor or actress in question, but for the most part it is the answer. These hardcore professionals apparently love what they do. That love is committed, passionate, and unflinching. It is the motivation that causes actors like Christian Bale to lose over 60 pounds for a role.

This may surprise you but I believe that some of us “normal” people can actually relate even if it is only to a certain extent. Most people have a passion for something. This passion could be for something as simple as shoes or it can be for collectibles. I personally have a passion for many things like cars, video games, and movies. If I count the number of video games I have and times that number by $60 (the price of video games currently) I would probably have a good amount of money. But do I regret it? No, I do not. Games have been an important part of my life and will be until the day I die. Is that so different from an actor going to extremes for a role? No, I believe it isn’t. Sure, the level of intensity is obviously different but it is still the same concept.

So what do you think? Do you think that my answer is correct? If not, I am curious as to what yours may be. Also, tell me about your own passions.




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