Worst Tattoos Ever

The Worlds Worst Tattoos Ever

I am a fan of tattoos as much as the next guy an in my life I’ve seen my share of bad one but I wanted to gather the worst tattoos from around the world for your viewing pleasure. It just ends up being an unfortunate fact that they are all from the great USA.

worst tattoosNicole always harvested a desire to stand out. She wanted to be unique and special. When her friends started getting cheesy star tattoos on their bodies she decided to take it one step further. She was certain her new tattoo would make her the most popular girl in school.


World worst tattoosJimmy on the other hand decided to display a tribute to his favorite Fast Food restaurants in the form of a permanent “beautiful” tattoo.


Tramp stamp tattoosRoxi was like the neighborhood bicycle  everyone had ridden her at one point or another. She took pride in it I suppose. Nothing better then a handle bar tattoo to let the few who hadn’t slept with her know they could.


Worst tattoos on womenChristian values were important to Danielle. She went around her campus quoting verses from the Bible but it seemed no one would listen. So she had an idea- she got a special tattoo of her favorite bible verse and boy did it get read.



Bad Tattoos

Sarah never took shit from anyone. She was a bad-ass girl with an attitude that wasn’t afraid to knock someone in the teeth!


tumblr_m8gip5ofLh1ryz3qbo1_250Greg had a passion for hunting deer. He was always considered an expert and that’s why everyone was so surprised when he was shot in the chest during a hunting accident.


Offensive tattoosMaybe it’s just me but I find this one really disgusting. Contrary to popular belief Fred is not a cattle rancher. In fact, he is lactos intolerant. Not sure what else to say about this one.




Strange tattoos This tattoo might not make much sense to you until you learn something about Janice. She never wears deodorant.

shirt tattooThe new trend of the “never nude” movement.





Thank you for checking out my collection of tattoos. Hope looking through this page gave you some great ideas for tattoos of your own!

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